Our goal is to improve homes and neighborhoods while at the same time helping renters and buyers get into a clean, updated homes.

-Lloyd Penrod

The company is based in Yountville (Napa County),California and focuses primarily on the North and East Bay area Counties. By working with a network of Private Investors they have been able to operate successfully without depending on bank financing. The strong focus on solving each customers needs and responding to the changing market has been a proven advantage to the company’s success within the community.

Selling your property can be a stressful and complicated process. We are here to help. Lloyd Penrod has years of experience in the real estate industry and will work with you every step of the way.

Who is Lloyd Penrod?

Lloyd Penrod has been actively engaged in real estate in California and Northern Nevada for over twenty five years. Realizing that the normal option for homeowners wishing to sell a property was just too slow. And owners really didn’t like agents bring a parade of strangers through their homes and then in the end paying tens of thousands in commissions. Lloyd developed an alternative that would allow the seller to choose when they could sell and still receive nearly the same amount at closing. The company is in the business of locating single family homes or small apartment buildings, acquiring them and completing necessary repairs and remodeling if needed.


First of all you will have control. You decide what is an acceptable price. You decide when you would like to close. Our goal with every Seller is to have you receive approximately the same amount as if you had listed with an agent, done any needed repairs on the property and paid your normal carrying and closing costs. And we do it around your time schedule!

  • QUICK CLOSE– The money you will receive comes from Private Funds so you can close quickly if desired. No bank delays, approvals, inspections or appraisals. Or, if you need more time you’ve got it, you decide.
  • AVOID REPAIR COSTS AND HASSLES– We buy ‘As Is’. Absolutely no repairs will be needed. In fact you can even move out just the items you want to take and we will deal with the rest. Avoid having to deal with contractors and workers. One bad contractor can cost you months of time and thousands of dollars. And doing it yourself can take forever
  • AVOID TENANT HASSLES ON RENTAL PROPERTIES– First we will not disturb your tenants when we first look at the property. We will only need to quickly view the interior of the property once we have an agreement in place. And we will even buy with the tenants in place – this is your chance to leave problem tenants behind.
  • AVOID TRYING FOR SALE BY OWNERS– Most sellers who try to sell a property themselves waste many months of time and lots of money. They still need to deal with repairs, inspections, finding a qualified buyer and getting the paperwork together. In the end over 85% of them seek outside help after months of frustration.
  • OWE MORE THAN THE HOUSE IS WORTH? We have worked out short sales with banks (where the lender agrees to accept a payoff for less than what is owed) so sellers can move on with their lives.

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